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Benz Design Interior 

Highly recommended Interior Design company since 2010 in Reno talk forum, interior design reviews forum & all googles search engines & renovation web pages.


New Modern design Collection Style  for HDB BTO & Houses
by Benz design Studio,  Benson Lo

Working on to my life journey and dream to fulfill my dreams as well as my home client dreams. I really find it meaningful to help them to make over their home. Seeing the laughter & smiles that weep around the house during the hand over process. This expression makes me happy & this is something that money cannot buy.

This house is a BTO HDB 2Room Flat. I have changed the 2 room HDB into a Studio Apartment.i was happy that my interior design skills have made this home customer of mine happy & he did not expect the house to be so beautiful & he is so happy that he cried. Another mission of mine is done& I heading for the next.  Like what I said before everyone can own a luxury design concepts like the ones shown on top. All you got to do is to find the right person to design up your place.

My strength is transforming your present or new HDB house into a luxury apartment. Now after all of you saw most of my works, But now who is willing to let me free play his house design theme?

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In my life, I’ve been “into” interior design in one way or another. Till now I'm still discovering, exploring and try to understand the cultural meanings & design themes of what would become to be known as material culture  & trendy design concepts. They are to become the governing intellectual passion of my adult life. I also believe that good interior designer must constantly create more of their design formulas in their heads.

I am proud to be designing residence houses. I have always been infatuated with the “Before” and “After” I want my homeowners to feel like they're at home is in a modern world. To view more of my interior design works, You log on to http//www.benzdesigninterior.com.sg

 Quote of the day

Everyone has a history, what you do with it is up to you. Some repeat it. Some learn from it. The really special ones use it to help others...

With what I have learned, I will want to make full use of my knowledge to spread it down to my home client as I would always give them the best & I will help them save money for their home renovation.

I ensure I can pass down my talent to serve & to give them the best of everything through my services.

At the look of my homeowner, we can tell that he is also too happy to own this place as the place is called home. I'm really happy that I could brighten up everyone lives by putting my heart into renovation which transforms his empty cold unit into reality.

Done by Benson Lo from Benz design Studio/interior

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