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 Modern Design house #2

Creative modern design TegV feature wall. This is the first special feature wall that not all carpenters can  fabricate it as it was one of the master piece of Benz Design Interior. Only the skillful, creative & experience carpenters can understand the interior design math calculation  formula by Benz design

This design concept theme which is nice, trendy & well design model fabricate out through the panels of plywood & sheets of laminate finishes. At the look of this design carpentry master piece, everyone can see & figure out how well verse  is he at the interior design industry. Not all could have that  experience mind of the interior designer as every id has their own formulas in their head but to look for the right one to impress you is not easy as you got to look for the right person
 to do your house.

This house design theme photos will tell you everything you will like to know.

To cheer up & brighten up a child mindset is by using the bright cheerful colours  of wall painting &  with the furnishing as well to make it all in one.
 To have the whole interior design concept , we must contrast it well with all the furnishing & the high percentage of the family base colour used

The design themes of this modern theme feel is so smooth & comfortable. further more this design will last you throughout & you will not get bored over it after sometime.

After reading all the bad experience that others went through with their other interior design firms.
What is the feeling & experience about the reno process is like with Benz Design Interior?

Another group of Benz Design Interior happy home owners who has just completed their home reno process.

Another set of new modern creative interior design concept theme to make this 5 room HDB flat to look more like a luxury modern design theme. 

Our mission is to help our customers to create modern design carpentry unit models for their homes.

We don't overcharge all our customers as we still want more returning customers and also more contacts their friends & referrals we oi am loyalty to creativity in my works as more addictive to it as I love to see the smiles that sweep around the whole house as customers, friends, relatives & guests start to give good comments to the whole house after the reno process and most of them ask & saved my handphone contact into their phones. Here are the photos that were taken during the process         


- Foyer area designer feature wall come with inbuilt shoe cabinet

Dining area  feature wall design  cabinet come with  door access to the bomb shelter 

During the renovation process, the toilets lights are not up yet fully as we need to wait for the homeowners to reorder the lights that they order online as its the 2nd shipment that they ordered online.
the renovation process still has to go on as we just can't wait for the defect lights to be replaced. as we are running out of time.


Modern dark design theme toilets

Almost everyone like their ultra modern kitchen set which is design & builds by me. Among the discussion they did mention that their kitchen cabinet is the near future design concept.

Almost to the end of the renovation process

Everything is now getting into place as the hand over date is coming nearer to the deadline.

 Modern Master Bedroom concept

The budget was a bit tight and we got to let go of the wallpaper design idea. Other than the wallpaper idea with the right selection of bright cheerful paint colors, it too can be matched closely with the wallpaper effects.

This house owners request something different from thier previous house design theme as it is more to the shapes of whites. After staying in the shapes of the white theme at times can be a bit boring as over the years you & the family will get very tired & bored.

We are well versed in most areas of the interior design concepts theme. We are creative & we create new design concepts rather than to follow and copy one another, that is why we earn the international trademark in all of our company's interior design models.

Please help to rate us on our interior design concept done by Benz Design Interior.
Help us to fill in the comments at the comments empty space box below  The photo may look a bit off as the photos are not taken from a good mirrorless camera but just with the old model I phone camera lens.

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